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Why Are So Many Soccer Stars Playing Xbox Using This Suitcase?

// the Strategist //

During the week, while waiting for teams to take the field again, I keep up with all the players and clubs on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s on these platforms where, over the past six months, I’ve noticed a single strange-looking product pop up over and over again, each time in the hands of a different superstar footballer. That product, I eventually discovered, is Indigaming’s POGA Pro gaming console — a tricked-out suitcase that, instead of room for Dopp kits and clothes, contains a screen, power source, and space for either an Xbox or PlayStation and their respective controllers. Oh, and it’s also on wheels. As the players demonstrate in their posts, you simply plug in the case, pop it open, turn on the console like you would at home, and suddenly you’ve got a fully set up gaming station to pass the time wherever you are in the world.

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