INDIGAMING is a duo of avid gamers from different stages in life. We share the passion for video games and we want the best experience no matter the location and the game, whether it is FIFA, Fortnite or Call of Duty.

We are always on the go, and this is how we discovered the demand for a product like INDICASE. Airplanes, hotels, outdoors… There is literally no location or place we did not want to bring our gaming consoles. We also experienced that packing your high-end monitors into a hand luggage or suitcase is not very safe. Sure, there are handheld devices and mobile phones, but we wanted more. There was no product on the market that met our expectations, so we decided “we can do better” and INDIGAMING was born.

Innovation Meets Quality

After more than two years of developing every single detail, we are able to present the INDICASE. A product that will satisfy all levels of video game fanatics. From casual to ambitious talents and even professional gamers. It includes one of the best displays with an ultra-fast response time and a high-quality screen. All packed into one stylish, rugged and convenient suitcase. 

Made in Germany.